CNN Top Stories Video

BBC News Front Page Video

The app performs a list of actions when the alarm goes off.  You build up a list of actions, which can be re-odered, edited and deleted. You can choose from the following actions:


  • Read from a news feed
  • Read calendar events
  • Speak the time 
  • Speak a custom phrase
  • An alarm sound


You can play an alarm at any time on the alarms screen - so you can instantly keep up to date with the latest news.

alarm actions screenshot

Alarm set at 7:30 on weekdays. This alarm will say "Good morning", then read the time, read the BBC News front page and finally read todays calendar events.


Read a News Feed 

Select the news from a categorised directory of hundreds of news feeds from major sources including the BBC, Reuters, Yahoo! and many more.  If the news feed is not listed you can enter your own RSS feed by entering the URL.

Each feed has a rating, generated from other News Alarm users selecting from 1 to five stars, which is displayed to help you quickly find the best feeds.  New RSS feeds can be submitted in the app which will be added to the directory.

Once you've selected your news source, you can customize the number of stories read, the voice used and the speed of the speech. 

Feed categories screenshot

Screenshot showing the news feeds within the "Top Stories" category

Headline Sound

To give the real news bulletin feel, in between each headline a sound is played. You can choose from 11 sounds - from Big Ben to a retro alarm clock.

Calendar Events

The app accesses your iPhone calendar and reads out all your events scheduled for the day. It also looks in your contacts and lets you know if there are any birthdays.

Speak the Time

Read the current time, in your chosen voice and speaking speed.

Alarm Sound

Choose from digital, retro or birdsong and select the duration of the sound and whether it gets gradually louder.

Custom phrase

You enter a phrase you want read in your chosen voice.


  • Hundreds of news feeds
  • News headline sounds
  • Calendar events
  • Birthdays
  • Speak the time
  • Custom phrase
  • Alarm sounds