A selection of screenshots from the app. There are many more options on the clock styles than shown here. The clock auto-rotates to portrait and landscape modes.

Click on image to see large version.

Clock Styles

Modern clock style with orange background
Modern clock style with green background and circles
Modern clock style with blue background and square pattern
The blue digital clock style
Red digital clock style
LCD digital clock style
Steel digital clock style
Pink digital clock style
Analogue clock style with oak
Analogue clock style with elm
Analogue clock style with wenge
Flip clock style (3D mode)
Flip clock style (normal)
Select a clock style
Settings for the modern clock style

Custom Alarms

All the alarms
Setting an alarm
Select an alarm action

News Feeds

Feed shown while a voice reads it out
Feeds listed by category
Feeds listed by source
A list of feeds showing user ratings


Settings screen