Create any number of alarms that play a sequence of speech actions.

Alarms screenshot

The alarms tab shows all your alarms

Turn alarms on and off

On the alarms screen, you can quickly toggle alarms on and off.

Play alarms at any time

You can play alarms at any time to quickly catch up on the latest news stories.


Don't want to get up straight away? The alarm will snooze until a later time. You can change the snooze delay.

Alarms at a glance

On the alarms screen you can see all your alarms - the time, recurrence and the on/off toggle switch.


Set any combination of days for when you want the alarm to trigger.  Easily set different alarms for the weekday and weekends.



  • Recurrent alarms
  • Snooze
  • Easily toggle on/off
  • Play alarm at any time